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3 years ago I burned out the motor of a hard drive, maxtor IDE 60gb. I have been meaning to get a physical recovery done. A while back I saw an add for physical recovery for about $200-250, however I lost the link. I am getting married in the spring and want to make a slide show for my friends in college who are in the wedding party of pictures that were only on this drive. Being a grad student, I don't have anything close to the amount of money needed to pay the fee of the big companies that do physical recovery. If anyone could point me in the direction to the company whose link I saw or knows someone who does it on the side it would be much appreciated.

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  1. The few times I've had to send off a drive here at work we have ended up paying $900-$1100 (I guess it depends on the nature of the problem as to the exact price) If the data is truly unreplaceable and the funds are not available to pay a professional, I advise just sitting on the drive until you have the proper funds... paying some amateur to play around with files that can't be replaced sounds a bit foolish to me.
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