8800GTS+ my rig...will it fit in a antec 900?

Hey guys I've got all the parts for my rig and i was just wondering if an Antec 900 would be big enough to house each of my components comfortably. However, I am only concerned about the graphics card, 8800GTS, i know there have a numerous amount of discussions on this certain subject, but i would like to hear from a possible owner in my position which can give me a solid answer to whether it will fit, and if there is any clearance. If worst comes to worst i will have to go for a P182...

Input is much appreciated!

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  1. I have the very same video card and case, it fits in with plenty of room to spare. :)

  2. Yes it will fit. I have the gts and the 900. If I were you I'd still go for the p182 as its a better case all around. Yeah yeah, it doesnt have as much of a badass look to it as the 900 but its quality outshines the 900 by a hefty margin. You'll be able to fit the Thermalright ultra 120 in the 900 as well, as for the side panel, just break off a corner of the fan so it wont hit your hs fan.

    Just remembered. Though the gts does fit, you'll have to mount a hdd in the top/bottem slot in the middle cage. Otherwise just leave that cage clear and put your hdd in the bottem cage. Same story with the p182.

    Get the p182
    yes it will fit in either
  3. The 900 fits an 8800GTX if the black shroud is removed from the top hd cage.
  4. Thanks for the input guys!

    I am really tossed up on this one between the P182 and the 900. The Antec 900 in my opinion has a nice appearance and so does the P182. But since the 182 is slightly bigger in size i think it will be the way to go. (I can't believe i'm saying this)

    Anyway thanks for the input guys!
    Much appreciated!
  5. Is it possible to switch the two Blue LED intake fans in the front two cages the other way around so that they will expel air out of the case and act as outake fans instead of intake fans?
  6. Yes. You can swap out the fans any which way you want to. Just a caveat thought, expelling air from the back will take out the cooler air. It is best to exhaust air from higher up in the case and intake from lower area's. If your goal is to have as much airflow as possible, just add a side fan, or have a floater positioned in front of what you want to keep cool.

    To the OP, the p182 is the better of the two cases. Having built near identical rigs in both, the p182 was incomparably easier to work with. I spent more than the cost of a p182 just on tools to cut into the metal and make my own holes for my 900. If you get the 900 you don't have to cut holes, but when you first try to fit everything in there you'll wish you had them. Why antec was stupid enough to make a case with a window not have holes cut in, and yet provide those holes for a case with a solid door is beyond me. Wtf runs through my head repeatedly when I think of this.
  7. Thanks for that one Eric!

    However, when you say wholes do you mean for ventilation and air flow right...
  8. i suggest p182 over the 900 anyday. if you have the money of course.
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