Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme vs Zalman 9700

I was recommended to use the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme as my Heatsink in my new build. Another guy told me to forget the Thermalright and go with the Zalman 9700. I am planning on overclocking a Q6600. The zalman seems easier to set up, but does it cool as well? I am either going to use a Thermaltake Armor Series VA8003BWS Black Full Tower Case w/ 25CM Fan or a Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570 GZ. I am tempted to go with the thermaltake because of its size. I don’t want to get the parts and then realize my heatsink wont fit in the case. Also, If I did go with the thermalright, would I need to purchase fans to mount on it as well? Any input is apprecieated. Thanks.
O and anyone have any good recommendations for a VGA cooler? One that fits
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  1. The Thermalright Ultra 120 extreme is the best air cooler out, pair that with a good fan and you'll be set, if you feel you may not want to deal with the sometimes picky mounting of the extreme just get the regular ultra 120. The termaltake armor i believe would also be the better choice of cases.
  2. The mount is picky?....

    I was going to get one for my P182....

    WIth a SFlex, that is
  3. to minimize expenses,i took one of the rear fans of my 3d aurora full tower instead, as fan of the ultra 120 extreme.although at factory settings, the fan is only 1000rpm,but it somehow help minimizing heat over the heatsink.e6750@3.2ghz 1.35v, 1:1 fsb:Ram, idle 20-23, load orthos 39-43, i think m already satisfied with this sink.should i desire to push it higher i may resort buying a higher rpm cpu fan to maintain a tolerable cooling threshold for the added heat.3D aurora has no problem with ultra 120 xtreme mounted on, just find somebody to assist you during installation of this giant sink,hehehe.when mounted already, you will find your effort worthy in the end.gud luck
  4. I have the Thermalright Ultra-120 (not extreme) equipped with a Zalman ZM-F3 and it works beautifully for me! I greatly reccommend the Ultra-120 (extreme) to anyone.
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