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I have an EVGA 590sli Motherboard with 6 SATA channels. I have two Samsung HD501LJ 500GB SATA drives. The first drive I've been using for quite some time. It's connected to SATA Channel 1. I ordered the second drive so that I can backup my data on it and reformat the first drive with windows vista.

I got the second drive this morning, connected it to SATA Channel 2, and booted up. It shows up in the bios. I load windows xp, and load start->control panel->administrative tools->computer management->disk management.

I see my Healthy "Disk 0" and I see "Disk 1" - Disk 1 is labeled "Unknown" and "Not Initialized". The drive space is "Unallocated." When I right click on the drive the "New Partition" option is grayed out.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong. Any ideas? I'd really like to get this drive formatted. Thanks!
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  1. Sorry, I'm retarded. I had to "initialize" the disk before I could create a new partition. Wow. My bad.
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