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I have superanitspyware and it will remove it but how can I revent it from continuing to download it spyware on my machine. Then I hear that two different spyware program don't work together well.
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  1. IF I understand correctly you're trying to
    uninstall the Super Antispyware from your
    computer, But you are afraid whether that program
    will continue downloading update for that Antispyware

    If that so don't worry when you uninstall that program
    it will stop updating

    PS: You should try a really good program it called Your
    Uninstaller It will Uninstall any program you want also
    it will clean for you all registry traces left behind
    after uninstalling software.
  2. Sorry, I guess you miss understood. I have a problem that specicclik keeps installing on my pc. I have Super Antispyware and it will remove it. I guess the question is there a way to keep it from installing.

    The second part of the question is that I have been told that two different spyware programs confict with each other and only one should be installed. If so which are the best ones. And is the free Super Antispyware a good of choice?

    I see your link to the unistall program does it work with XP service pack 2?

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