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how can i get past the login loop if i do not have original recovery or startup discs
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  2. There's a problem with C:\Windows\System32\userinit.exe not being executed correctly.
  3. Can you access the default admin account in safe mode? If yes, try using the restore points to roll back to before the problem started.
  4. Check These!

    It shows that your Windows XP is not activated after 30 days trial period.

    Once the 30 days activation trial period ends, Windows will start, Once you enter your password (if given), it'll login and immediately it logs off.

    You have to activate Windows XP immediately in order to use.


    If you have genuine activated copy of Windows XP, try this!

    This problem turns out to be that the Winlogon userinit entry is being set to "wsaupdater.exe" instead of "userinit.exe".

    1. Boot from a Windows XP CD and go into the recovery console.

    2. Log into the administrator account.

    3. Change your current directory to the system32 folder. type:
    cd windows
    cd system32

    4. Overwrite wsaupdater.exe with userinit.exe. type: copy userinit.exe wsaupdater.exe

    5. Exit and reboot. type: exit (computer
    will automatically reboot, take CD out).

    This link also help you!
    You cannot log on to Windows XP after you remove Wsaupdater.exe
  5. Chances are its a simple mistake like the time and date is incorrect, i have had this problem on several other computers i have seen. Best thing to do is...

    Boot into Safe Mode when the computer gets passed the Bios press F8
    Boot into safe mode, the computer should boot up as normal asking which account you would like
    to login to [USERS] or Admin
    Login to the user as your normally would, check the date is correct if not adjust accordingly.

    Restart the computer, and it should be working.
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