Leadtek winfast geforce 7950 gx2 problem

Hey guys i have a silly problem with my leadtek winfast geforce 7950 gx2 on my Asus Motherboard P4V800D-X:
Because i had a geforce 6600 before, i had already installed the latest driver. I plugged in the card and startet my Windows Vista 32 bit ultimate edition. The boot was ok since the desktop appears... there are only 4 colors and 800x600 pix! I readed many forums and so on and there they all say to update the bios... i thought i have the latest but no i had not so i flashed the bios and thought yeah now it works. but nooo it dont works... the same failure again. Then i wanted to know if this problem is on all os and startet Knoppix v 5.1.1 DVD and LOL there it was all ok? Ok i thought maybe my windows has to be reinstalled... ok i put in vista dvd and started the setup and omg there were only 4 colors and so on... i aborted the setup before installing new. Ok now the question: why is my vista suckng and knoppix running with geforce 7950 gx2? the mobo and graphic card must be compatible or not?
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  1. There is that possibility.

    You have installed the latest nvidia drivers, right? If so and you can access them, go into them and turn SLI off on the card, or on, to see if that does anything. Its the only hardware thing I can think of if it isnt your motherboard.
  2. I have installed this:
    ForceWare Release 162 WHQL Zertifiziert
    Version: 162.22
    Freigabedatum: 26.7.2007
    Operating System: Windows Vista 32-bit
    Sprache: Deutsch
    Dateigröße: 56 MB
    it was for 6600 and its for 7950 gx2 and i cant acess the drivers... in the hardware manager (i think thats the name in english) there is shown 2x geforce 7950 gx2 with an ! and code 12 (the driver is installed) but i cant acess the drivers (right click on desktop or accessing the control panel in the system folder)
  3. Just reinstall windows, believe me, you're going to end up wasting 4-5 hours trying to figure out why is that happening, but you'll only take about 30min to 1 hour to reinstall everything. If you still have problems after reinstalling windows and new drivers, then it smells like faulty card.

    Oh and I forgot to ask... What's your PSU? (You never know...)
  4. but in the install menu there are only 4 colors and in knoppix there is a resolution of 1280x1024 and 32bit colors? so the graphic card cant be broken and i think reinstall i useless if the setup screen is not shown right or? And what means PSU ( i dont know all english names)
  5. Power Supply Unit (the thing that powers your system). And I don't know what a knoppix is, sorry. But if you do reinstall windows and the problem isn't fixed we can diagnose that it's not a software problem but a hardware problem.
  6. Not really useful, Im not fluent in dutch or german (don't know which one that is), and it doesn't really tell me anything the wattage, give me the brand and model.
  7. you can switch the page into English^^ just klick on the flag on the top and the brand and the model of my psu uhm you really need it? If so i will watch tomorrow if i can find the package.
  8. By model I mean the Line, like PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750W

    Brand = PC Power & Cooling
    Model/Line = Silencer
    Wattage = 750W

    And I'll check out the knoppix thing.
  9. Emp i am no noob really but i dont know what you really want from me^^
  10. I want PSU info in order to rule out that the card isn't getting enough power. I need the Brand and the model of the PSU, I already described above what I mean by model.
  11. yap but the card has enough power^^ in all forums they say you need at least 500W and i have 550W so its enough^^ and it must get enough power cause it is working correctly under knoppix.

  12. Damnit I'm trying to tell you that the wattage is secondary, there are some 600W units that cannot power a 8800GTS, regardless of the fact that it says on the box that it needs a 450W PSU to work.

    What Im trying to say is, I need your PSU model and brand to check the 12V rails and see if it's getting enough power or not.
  13. then I must remove the power pack tomorrow i dont want to do it today cause i am working on it the whole day and now i only want to watch tv with my old graphik card. the only thing i dont understand is: why is the card working under Knoppix but not under Vista
    Argh i think that would be the first problem with a pc i could not fix -.-
  14. Im guessing this may be a power related issue after all, Knoppix sounds like it doesn't need much processing power, however Vista is a whole different beast and requires more processing power from the GPU, which in turn makes it draw more power and maybe your power supply can't provide it.
  15. Completly format your drive and install Vista again. That MAY work, I had to reinstall vista 3times before it actually worked.
  16. hmk i will do that tomorrow
  17. @ Emp: LC-Power LC6550G version 2.0
  18. Sorry, but that seems like a very low quality unit (Can't even find specs or anything on their website), I don't think it's even close to the kind of power that the 7950GX2 requires.
  19. i get it a bit more to work now. I called the man where i alwas buy my pc hardware and asked him if my psu is enough and why there is this problem. he simply said: just install the latest chipset driver for your mobo. I did and voilá the card is running in right resolution and colors! then the hardware manager is searching the drivers and want to restart. i restartet and after restart i think he wants to enable sli. but then there is a blue screen! wtf is happening?
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