Issue with Hard drives not showing up in Windows Installer

I posted a write up of the problem I am having here:

The short of it:

Windows installer can see my hard drives when all are seperate and IDE mode bios - Windows installer then cannot see the drives in RAID mode when I create an array (Which I had before on this system).

The quick questions -
Did I use the RAID Driver disk - Yes, every time I attempted to install.
What windows version - XP Pro 32bit.

Any / all help is welcome.
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  1. Almost the same problem if I am reading right. Take out Raid and you can see the SataII drives and the Sata DVD in the main Bios. Implement a Raid 1 Array and nothing is recognized in the main Bios but everything works perfectly. From what I have been reading there is the possibility that the drives, when Raided, come under the control of whatever Raid Bios your machine uses. I have reloaded the Raid1 Array and Windows 4 different ways in the last 2 days and the results are the same. Shows up in the device manager, the bootsequence part of the bios and everywhere else BUT the main Bios. Is this normal? Is this a Bios glitch that should be addressed by the manufacturer?....or is it something else.....
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