320gb SATA Died

Hi all. This my first post here. Problem I am having is I recently bought a seagate 320gb sata 7200.10 and well its dead now.A chip on back of it burnt out.Now I own like 4 320gb and 1 500gb all seagate so this be my first hard drive to return to them. What I want to know is, will they honor my warranty? I dont want to waste $$ on shipping just to be told warranty void. Help anyone?
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  1. If it were me and the case wasn't opened or damaged, I'd send it back. I've never sent a hdd back but I have never had a problem RMAing other parts
  2. The various drive manufacturers usually have a place on their sites where you can check to see if your particular drive is still within warranty.

    Seagate's is here: Warranty Checker
  3. you should be able to
    of course it has to be in the warrany window

    or you could just go to seagate website or call them to see if your warranty is valid or not
  4. Hard Drive is under warranty. What I am asking is if a burnt out chip is my fault or under seagate warranty?
  5. How is it your fault..what did you do to the chip to burn it,nothing you say, then THINK ?

    I miss common sense...
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