Does any monitoring or testing app work on P35 chipset?

I have built a new system:
E6750 with HR-01 Plus
GA-P35-DS4 rev 1.0
G.Skill 2x1Gb 800 HK
Sunbeam Quarterback (mods)

I have tired Speedfan, TAT, Everest, CPU-Z, Memtest, MS Mem Diag, Core Temp, Orthos and others and all either fail to run or run with bugs. For example, Everest Corp shows +12v as 0.7 volts, while TAT shows core temps of 22 C when room temp is 31 C when Easy Tune 5 shows CPU temp as 41 C (so core should be 54-56 C).

My RAM passes all tests using Memtest and MS Mem Diag run for 5 hours except for the RANDOM number test. My system passes all stress tests except for the Orthos 'Blend'.

I have tried at stock speed and very loose memory timings, and with increased voltages for FSB, NB, RAM, CPU, and with moderate overclocking, FSB 375 and 400, and the results are the same. The same apps fail in the same way so are they all buggy on the P35 chipset?

How can I be sure that any reading I get from an application is accurate and how can I be sure my RAM is ok and how can I be sure my system is stable with all these issues with the P35?
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  1. :) I'm using a combination of Everest version 4.10.1062 Beta and Rivatuner v2.02 to keep an eye on things on my Abit IP35 E6850 rig but the +12v is shown as 9.06v and the -12v is shown as -2.08v, but Abit's EQ software shows the +12v @12.03v [:mousemonkey:2] so I think we may have to wait a bit until the software catches up with the hardware perhaps.
  2. I have tried SpeedFan 4.33 beta and it shows fan speeds as 365,000 with maximum divisor of 20. It shows core temps that are 10-15 C too low. It is useless setting an offset in config/advanced because the difference is not the same when CPU is idle and under 100% load.

    Core Temp crashes, so I have no application that will correctly display the core temps.

    My RAM keeps failing the 'random' test but I'm not sure if that is a software bug or not.
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