How do I stay automatically logged into websites?


Hello there, I am having a problem with automatically logging into websites.
I use Internet Explorer 7. I have accept first party cookies and third party cookies enabled.
I have tried deleting temporary internet files (example: cookies, passwords etc)

This problem occurs with but it may also occur with any other website.
I have asked other people to see if they had this problem but their browser keeps them logged into their Youtube account automatically, without having to type in the login information, again and again!
However, Youtube does keep me logged in for the duration I am on my PC untill I restart it.

I have sent a email to Youtube Help Center but have recieved no such reply yet.
Please could somebody help me solve my problem with IE7, I would be very grateful

Also what I do not want to end up doing is set my IE7 advanced settings to default (as they were when I installed IE on my PC)
This will disable add-ons etc...

I have also just done a Disk Cleanup on Disk Drive C and D, So hopefully that will work... Ill post back if it does

Thanks alot,
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  1. Do you use any anti-spyware programs such as spysweeper or anything like that? Generally those will prevent cookies from staying on your computer and also when they run will remove any cookies that did make it on your computer. Other than that, I use firefox so I'm not sure about settings in IE7.
  2. sure hope this isnt your answer...

    when you type in your username/password select "remember me" on the bottom of that dialog box.
  3. I use Virgin PC Guard which has a spyware check etc.
    and it doesnt say "remember me" it says remember password though
    That would only remember my password when I type in my login information
  4. Right so now it is logging me out of every website I log into once I restart my PC
  5. Seriously, you should consider yourself fortunate...I consider it a security risk if a site has my information cached locally in a cookie. Do you realize the numbers of malware that go looking specifically for cookie/logon info?

  6. Do you have Virgin PCguard Privacy Manager Enabled?
    Under Manage Cookies you need to tell PCguard which website cookies need to be left on your computer.
  7. Thanks, Ive just enabled the Privacy Manager to stop deleting cookies which websites I said
  8. It worked! I don't know whether it was because I enabled allow-sessions or because I enabled Privacy Manager
    But anyway it worked!

    Thanks alot
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