Motherboard monitoring on new board ?

After looking at the specs. on several new motherboards,I can't see anything about the feature of monitoring (cpu temp , voltages ,etc.). I also looked through a couple of Mfr's web sites. How can I determine for sure that a board has this feature? THANKS for any help!
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  1. most of them (abit, Asus, DFI, Gigabyte, MSI etc.) all have software to do this.
    if not there are programmes like Everest & Speedfan.

    of them all imo abit's uGuru is the best hardware monitor/fan control but it's only fitted to the top boards.
  2. Thanks Buff, I am aware of some of the software ,but my old Dell PC doesn't have this feature in the hardware. I want to make sure that a new MB would have it.
  3. Most of the big-name PC's don't have the hardware monitoring but most new motherboards have BIOS readings for PC Health and SpeedFan for within windows.
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