My New Computer Build... Looking for Advice before buying

I know that there is a million different posts about new system builds but I guess it is necessary because every build is a little different. I am posting because I am building a new computer and i need some advice on if everything is compatible. I built my current computer but I did it kind of blindly in the fact that i was just hoping everything just worked out. My budget is about 1300, I could go a little above if it was worth the extra money. I am looking for mainly a gaming pc and i might over-clock once i read up on it and learn how. Advice on more and different components is highly appreciated thank you, here is what i was looking at.

Memory: 4

-Is it necessary to get 2 sets of 2gb memory for 4gb total? Will both of these fit in my mobo?

Hardrive: 073



- Should I do with this Or a higher duel-Core?

MotherBoard: 16819115017

DVD Burner and DVD Drive:


-Will this bundled Power supply be enough or will i have to get a bigger one, and does the case fit everything inside?

Monitor: 6075

And this all comes to a grand total of $1278 Before tax.... I am willing to go up to 1400.. please give me some feed back and advice on different parts. Thank you
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  1. Get the QUAD its better for future apps , video card looks good , if u can get the 8800gts 640 , for ram u can get 4x1gb or 2x2gb ,
    for PSU , well i always get another PSU instead of the one which is with the Case
  2. i am looking at the m5550 am wanting some clarification on some of the components that have had trouble
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