New e6850 running at 79 degrees C?!

Well, i just finished building my new computer and i have a problem. It is an e6850 dual core processor on an Abit IP35 Pro motherboard. I checked the bios and after about a minute on, the CPU reads at 79 degrees, with the shutdown being 85. What could be the problem?? Im fairly certin the heatsink and fan are on correctly..
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  1. Doesnt sound like it is
  2. Did you use thermal paste?
  3. yeah we used what came with the stock heatsink
  4. monbackey said:
    yeah we used what came with the stock heatsink

    Did you buy a separate cpu fan? Cause one of the main complaints that have been made to intel is that they went cheaped out on the stock cooling.
  5. Most likely it isn't mounted properly. make sure all four pegs are tight!
  6. I agree, I got the same exact problem with my e6600's hsf. All of the pins need to be stable, not all wiggly. Otherwise they aren't seated properly.
  7. Seems like you've got poor contact between HSF and CPU. You have to apply a Lot of pressure for the stock HSF to fit right. I knew about this problem before hand and purchased a better cooling HSF. Tuniq Tower 120
  8. Definitely bad heatsink installation
  9. Dido on heatsink, or your motherboard temp senser is bad. I would buy a new heatsink anyway. My E6850 will go 3.9ghz Orthos stable and after 10 hours only be 55c. But that's with H20.
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