Google Chrome Crashes When Viewing YouTube Videos

Every time I try to view a YouTube video, the browser locks up. I tried disabling Chromes built in Flash plug in and installing the one directly from Adobe but it still doesn't work. Any suggestions?
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  1. I would first try reinstalling Chrome.
  2. You’re experiencing this problem due to conflicts between different browser objects and components. Ad-filters, extensions, sandbox feature, cache contents might be not working. Below are outlined solutions to fix constant Chrome crashes.

    Clear Cache Contents and Temp Files:
    1. Click Wrench, select Tools | Clear browsing data.
    2. A new page would open.
    3. Choose “The beginning of time” from the drop down control.
    4. Make sure that all checkboxes are checked-up.
    5. Click “Clear browsing data” button.

    Download Windows Updates:
    1. Click Start button.
    2. Type “Windows Update” in the Search Box.
    3. Press ENTER.
    4. Click “Check for Updates” button.
    5. Download and install all new updates found.

    If the problem still persists, use this troubleshooting solution.
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