P35 or SLI for Q6600 OC? Help please.

So here is my question, I'm trying to make a watercooled system with a Q6600 and an 8800GTX. I was thinking I was going to wait till the prices dropped on the 8800GTX and get a second one for SLI later and give my system a boost but then I learned the P35s are supposedly better overclockers but don't do SLI. Anyone have an opinion on which would yield the better overall performance?

Any advice is welcome.
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More about q6600 please
  1. hey guys,
    i have the same question can anyone help us?
  2. They arent necessarily better overclockers, go with a 680i from nvidia and pick up the 2 cards, no matter how much you overclock it isn't going to make up the difference of a second GTX.
  3. SLI board OC pretty well, if u want SLI , go for a good 680i board
  4. What about the new asus blitz pro that is out, does anyone have any input on that board.
  5. From what I've heard, even though the 650i and 680i chipset doesn't overclock quad core CPU very well, it doesn't make much difference since the quad cores are CPU limited when comes overclocking because of its heat output. So if you want SLI, i'd recommend to go for a 680i chipset for its dual 16X PCIE capability. At this moment, Intel chipset still doesn't support SLI so it's out of question.
  6. we dont have BLITZ PRO , we have :

  7. Though SLI mod for P35 and X38 are in the works.

    Just keep looking, there are only a few people that have done this and had it stable.
  8. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/245454-15-crossfire-faqs

    Can you use SLI on a CrossFire board or can you use CrossFire on a SLI board ?
    Well , in general , the answer is NO. But it's said that if you hack the drivers , you can use SLI on a CrossFire board or CrossFire on a SLI board.

    There is no gurarantee that u will success or not
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