My 1950x Pro Sappiah goes above 120 degrees !!!!! then crashes


Iv Had this 1950x PRo for round 6 months, when i first got it it was fine, playing all the games perfectly.

Then i stoped playing games for a while, and installed Windows Vista Since when i last played a game (Half Life 2).

Now i installed Age of Empires 3 and C&C 3 , they play fine for around 10 mins then the monitor goes off and the PC crashes.

I thought it could be to do with the monitor power settings but it isnt, i then ran Age 3 in windows mode and oped ATI Control Centre, it showed the card temp steadily rising from 80 degrees to 120 degrees then the PC restarted its self.

Is it normally for a card to run that hot, or for the Idel Temp to be 80 degrees?

How could it go from running games perfectly to not being able to cope with a game?

I have no touble when playing games such as FM 2007 or running any windows application.

any help would be much appriciated thanks
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  1. have you checked to see if there has a been a big build up of dust on the fan of the card?

    it shouldn't even be idling at 80 degrees. I have the same card and mine idles around 45-50 degrees, and barely reaches 80 when gaming for 2-3 hrs (generally doesn't go over 75).
  2. Sounds like dust, cat hair, or a dead GPU fan. Are all your fans running?
  3. I assume you were running XP before loading Vista. The temp difference could be the difference of the drivers for Vista compared to XP. Speculation on my part but I wouldn't be surprised...

    As mentioned, verify that there are no dust bunnies clogging up the works. If you can lightly (barely) touch the gpu fan and it stops spinning, then the stock cooling fan is no good anymore. I've had a few fans on stock factory cooling (once on an ATI 9600XT and another on a PNY 6800GT Ultra) just crap out after a while and have replaced them with after market gpu coolers, specifically I've had great success with the Zalman VF900 on both ATI and nVidia gpu's.

    Good luck!
  4. Yeah, that cooler is nice, not just for the cooling, but for the absence of noise.
  5. If you're going to go aftermaket, I'd suggest the Arctic Cooling Accelero X2 for the x1950 Pro.

    I have the x1950 Pro with that on it. Right now I'm idling at 38C with an ambient room temp of 25C.
    When I game with Oblivion, I don't go over 53C - typically its only hits 50C.

    I've been real happy with the performance - and its very quiet.

    (oh, if you do go this way, don't forget to put the heat spreader on the VRM!)
  6. yer thats way too hot, mine is idling at 36degrees as i type this and pushes 65ish under full load

    check for a dust build up around the fan, because mine builds up massive amounts because i smoke in here and dog hair and the side is off my case..mind you mine only builds up dust on one side of the heat sink because of the direction of the fan

    also download atitool 2.7 and set the fan speeds in there to a bit higher, i have mine set to 50% and when it hits 55c it goes to 75% then again at 60c it goes to 95%, anything above 65c it goes at 100%

    my sapphire 1950pro stock fan speeds were 41% all the way upto 70c? then went to 100% then at 90c it dropped back to 30%.. :/ wtf dodgey sapphire bios..
  7. My Asus 1950 Pro also ran fine for the first few weeks then began shutting down the PC until I could figure out it was heat related. By adding the ATI Tray Tools I was able to change the default fan sppeds of the card to keep the temps in the low 70s when maxingit out. Try setting 50 degrees to 50%, 60 degrees to 70% and 70 degrees to 100% and 80 degrees to 100%. I never go over 73 degrees max now and never have shutdowns. This might work for you as well.

    After years of reading THG this is my first post. :hello:
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