1950x PRO runs at 80 degrees idel and 120 in game before it chrases!!


I have had this 1950x PRO for around 6 months now,

when i first got it worked perfectly, playiong all games etc perfectly.

I stopped playing games for a while to concentrate on other things, and iv installed Vista on the PC in the meantime,

now i installed both Age of Empires 3 and C&C 3 on my computer, and when i try to play either its ok for around 5-10 minns, but then the monitor turns it self off and the computer crashes and restartes its self.

So i opend ATI Control Centre and it showed that my Card was at 79-80 degrees Idel, and when i ran Age 3 in windows mode it steadly rose to 120 degrees then restarted the PC.

I dont get how this can happen, it was fine not to long ago and the case temp is 29 to 35 degrees, and right next to the card there is a Case Large air Extractor.

Also the air comming out the back doest feel very hot at all.

I have also cleared the Comp for dust a few times so i doubt thats a problem.

any help would be appriciated :D

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  1. Is your GPU fan actually turning? Sometimes the little motors can burn out...even on a newer card. If it is actually working and turning at a good speed (not just poking along I mean) then I would pull the card out and take the heat sink off. Clean off the original thermal past from the processor and heat sink (acetone works good...don't use rubbing alcohol because it leaves a residue....I have even been getting in the habit of acid polishing my heatsinks with a mild acid..just make sure you use distilled water to wash off the acid when you are done). Then apply some arctic silver 5, you only need a paper thin layer on the processor and maybe wipe any excess on the contact point of the heatsink. That should take care of it. Just make sure that you get the heat sink correctly seated when you put it back on...usually nothing to it but sometimes a little tricky.
  2. First things first, check the HSF, sounds like it's getting coated with gunk, since you were OK before and after time it's now too hot. Clean it out first and see what happens.

    If that doesn't help then move to the drastic measure of removing the HSF and apply new TIM.
  3. TurkzZ: "and iv installed Vista on the PC in the meantime"

    Dose this imply that you were using XP before? if you were maybe it's a driver issue? But i'm with kona and the GrapeApe, check hardware first, fans do die.
  4. yeh it was xp before, iv installed da latest ati drivers though,

    ill have a look at the fan tonight, could i be damaging the card as its continusly been running at 80 degrees?
  5. ok, i had a look inside and it seems there was a wire dat waz stopping the fan movment, it seems ok now, i played it for like 30 mins and it the temp was a 88-95 degrees, is this normall?,
  6. eh..its still on the high side. is the ventillation in your case any good???

    try taking the side panel of your case off for one day and see what the temperatures read during that day.
  7. I had the same problem. Download ATI Tray Tools and change the default cooling fan settings. I used: 50 degrees @ 50%, 60 degrees @ 70%, 70 & above set to 100%. The crashing stopped. My idle temps are 46~ 50 and maxxed out it reads 71~73 degrees with no crashes.

    Good Luck!
  8. re-clean the dust...make sure you take out the card to get a good look @ it. those fins collect allot of dust....also make sure that fan is on.... 80-100c will not hurt it as it is made for it(i have run many an ati card over 95)...but 120 is pushing it and causing the fail safe to shut you down(i assume its a failsafe :) )
  9. yh it seems it was just that wire that was sticking into it, played C&C 3 for 2 hours no problems,

    but to be honnest ventelation isnt good in ma case lol, is a micro case so alot of wires lol, still all seems on now,

    thanks for da help
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