Does having more than one hard disk make sense ?

Does having more than one hard disk make sense ?

Most package deals fit a single 500GB HD these days.

I allways prefered having 2 HD's with multple partitions, and I would have had more HD's if I could afford them (and if my case was big enough.).

For my futur system I've been thinking how I would set it all up.

HD1 : 2 partitions : System + Temporary files (temp internet stuff etc.)
HD2 : 3 partitions : data + temporary data + page file
HD3 : 3 partitions : download + temporary data 2

I do some video editing and having 2 temporary data disks so I can read from one and write on the other makes sense to me. I used to have 2 disks in raid 0 for this, and after some time I went back and separated the disks to work this way. It certainly feels faster to me. I want the temporary internet files and the download partition separate from the rest because they tend to fragment a lot, while the other things should not.

Now I'm wondering wether or not to put a disk/partition for video capture as well. ...I don't want it together with the system, the page file or the download so I guess I'll have to go for a 4th disk. (Don't want the capture influenced by other disk activity.)

Does this make any sense at all though ?
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  1. Most articles have stated that putting the page file on a seperate hard drive does NOT increase performance in the real world.
  2. Makes sense to have a separate disk for video. I noticed with all the hdd and partitions you don't seem to have a backup drive
  3. HDD #1: OS's and programs
    HDD #2: Data and my files

    It's easier to have the OS on a seperate HDD. That way, if you do have to reinstall the OS, your data is on a seperate drive and won't be lost during the installation process. Overall, yes, it does make sense.
  4. I have several hard drives in my PCs. I don't really bother partitioning any hard drives except for the OS drive which I generally set at 20GB. That way if I need or want to reinstall Windows I will still be able to retain all the data saved on the other partition.
  5. Does having 13 hard drives make sense, you know, just asking. Who would need that many connected to one computer, certainly not me. :whistle: /tiptoes out of the thread :whistle:
  6. In terms of data backup security it surely makes sense. I have all my pict I took with my cam on 2 separate HD's. Even on an external one. I'd really would hate to lose those pictures. But if you have no really valuable data it doesn't make sense I guess as you can partition a single drive for OS reinstalling convenience.
  7. Personally I'm too lazy to move files around to separate drives. One HDD is enough for me. Maybe a separate partition for the OS but thats all I need.
  8. I used to have one hard drive and I would partion it into two or three partitions. Theis would separate the OS from tmy data and provide an area for back ups. As previously mentioned, if the OS had to be reinstalled, the data was then protected. Now that hard drives have become so cheap, I use one drive for the OS and games and a second drive for data and no more partioning. So yes, I think having more than one hard drive makes sense.
  9. With multiple drives you don't need partitions - they are for simulating multiple drives on a single unit.
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