Computer wont load past welcome screen

Hi. I have a HP DV6500. Whenever I turn it on it comes to the welcome screen and then a black screen but doesnt load any further.
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  1. If you boot up your computer you can press (usually) F8 and it will give you a few different boot options.

    Can you try Last Known Good Configuration and/or Safe Mode and see if you get any further firstly? If so its worth just running a disk clean up and seeing if you can remove any unwanted files then the usual virus/malware scans if possible.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I spent hours doing that and messing around in safe mode but nothing helped. I took it to the geek squad and they said it was the hard drive and would be $400 to i'm typing this on my brand new laptop. lol
  3. take it to a repair shop it may repair that or is system restore :)
  4. Hello Nathan Wiginton and you're welcome to post good advice but please keep it to recent threads - this one is three years old and probably fixed by now so the thread is going to be closed.
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