Help with 8800 Ultra temps and fan speed please

ok i posted about this before but the topic was getting too long. So anyways as i started out last time with my evga 8800 ultra it was at 81c idle.. I had good air flow but i guess a thermaltake armor wasnt good enough. So what did i do? i bought a $28 120mm fan that moves a **** load of air, and a 90mm fan that also moves a **** load of air for $18.. i then bought 2 more 120mm fans that also move a ton of air.. so i have 2 120mm fans at the front sucking in air and then 2 more behind it with the most powerful blowing over the gpu.. and below the gpu i made a hole for the 90mm fan which sucks out all the hot air from the gpu.. and then the rest of the fans do their thing.. anyways i have a total of 12 fans which sounds like a jet engine.. and that only gets the GPU down to 65 idle.. WTF! (faulty card??) so anyways, following the advice of a poster on these forums i downloaded riva tuner and set my gpu fan speed to 100% and bang im down to 57 idle. But now every time i restart my pc i have to set the fan speed to 100%.. so i was wondering if there was anyway i can get it so it is always 100% no matter what??

should the temps even be that high... if all the cards ran this hot and someone didnt have a case like the one i do people would be at 81 like i was.. so im thinking that that is not normal at all.. I e-mailed evga and got no bloody response and when i tried to call their number it doesnt work so...

*also i was trying to test out my gpu and see how hot i could make it go, so i ran 3dmark and you know when the screen goes to the next test, it minimizes really quickly. i could see my temp at that second and it got to 66 and 67. and then when i was playing medieval 2 total war on totally max settings it got to 67 with a quick alt tab.. but i was wondering if there was any other way to see what sort of temps i could get up to..
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  1. I also got a EVGA 8800 Ultra and running Vista 64-bit with a 82C temp in a decent airflow case. With 100% fanspeed I get down to 70C. I tested to play Dark Messiah as high as it could go in video settings and after 1 level I tabbed out and looked and it was still around 82 C. I dunno, the people on the EVGA forum says its too high... I made a email to the place where I bought it to see what they say, might work to buy a new fan to the actuall GFX? or a waterblock. But then again, if you buy something that expensive you want it to work.
  2. There is a check box on rivatuner that says "run at windows startup" this will set the fan automatically for you to 100% or whatever you set it to.
  3. I just place a watercooling system device/blocks on order now, lets cool this sucker down now!!! :D I let you know about the results, I mean, you should not put out with having a jetengine as a computer.
  4. I did post a link to a RivaTuner guide for your 8800 before in your previous thread but you claimed you couldn't set your fan speed with it running Vista. Did you manage to get it working as you now say you have set the fan speed at 100%?

    If you have you will now find all you need in the guide. You can set it up for different fan speeds for different temps so you don't have to have it howling like a banshee when you are typing out your forum posts ;) .
  5. yes i got it working actually before i even checked back at the forums lol.. but im curious as to why on earth its sooo damn hot if you dont have it at 100% fan speed.. what if someone came along not knowing anything about computers and then he had one of the cards and then it ran at 81c all the time.. isnt that very dangerous..

    *btw i got the card down to 58 idle with 100% fan speed and 12 case fans
  6. I understand that the Ultras have the best quality chip and can be pushed to the limits but I still feel your temps are high and something is amiss somewhere.

    What happens if you underclock your card down to standard GTX speeds with RivaTuner. Try something like 575mhz core and 1800mhz memory. Do you notice a big drop in temps.

    Like I said in a previous post on your other thread I am running a GTS 640 overclocked to 600 mhz core, 1900 mhz memory and even fully stressed my GPU temp doesn't go above 70C with the fan at 75%. In my case I have 1 x 80mm in at front, 1 x 120mm in base of case (own mod), 1 x 80mm blowhole top out, 1 x 92mm out at back. You can use that info to judge whether you have a problem or not.
  7. well hmmm seems i still have a lot of problems with my pc... i am going to call evga for sure but still i cannot find a working number to call them with so any help would be much appreciated..
  8. Try 888-880-EVGA (3842) Thats the support number
  9. Major_Trouble said:
    What happens if you underclock your card down to standard GTX speeds with RivaTuner.

    This is really a laugh :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I think his temp is normal. So what 80C. My 6800GT idles at 60C and gets to 100C in games.
    My x800xt also gets up to 100C in games.
    Graphic cards are designed that way, they run hotter.

    I think that many fans wont help. You need to open a few (sorry english isn't my native language and I dont know how you call this) expansion slots so the cold air can come in.
    It's hard to circulate air in the graphic card region cos most cases arent designed for it.
  10. Here is something that might help you with setting the fan speed permanently. I found it when researching 8800 temps. I just got a 8800 Ultra but haven't been able to personally try this out, as the rest of the components for my new computer aren't here:
  11. Watercoolingsystem = installed.

    You know when I went from Vista to XP I went down about 8 C also since Vista isnt really idle temp, it uses some GPU.

    Well I got good news for you, I took the Zalman reserator and the Zalman GTX/Ultra waterblock and now I'm down to 50 C (aroun 60C after some gaming) (with no extra fan) in fact I even took out a fan that were just on the side of my Ultra.

    Best of all, its noiseless! I can only recommend it dude. I was also at 82 C when I was running with Vista and stockcooling.
  12. Called EVGA tech support today and he told me keep the Ultra card under 100C. I hit 98 gaming the other night.
  13. Download CPUID Hardware. Start CPUID and play your games then look at CPUID it'll show your min temp and your max temp. The max temp is the highest temp CPUID recorded.
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