The life expectancy of my AMD 64 3200+ which is 4 years old

Basically. I've had this computer now for almost 4 years. I replaced the video card, sound card, and dvd drive. I am now adding new RAM and a PSU. Should my CPU be a priority for replacing also, or should I just keep it?
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  1. What was ur orig CPU and do u have the orig manual for ur old motherbrd? Inside the manual there should be a table that states the maximum PC u can place on the mobo.
  2. my bad. i have you confused. the amd 64 3200+ is my original CPU and I still have the original mobo. the only things i have upgraded so far is the sound card, video card, and dvd drive. yesterday i ordered a new PSU and RAM for it. i was asking what was the literal life expectancy of my cpu (AMD 64 3200+) like how long before it dies? i have never oc'ed or anything, everything was/is ran by default. what would usually need replacing first, the PSU or CPU?
  3. If you are happy with it then just keep going.
    It should last for another 4 years. (but would be kinda outdated then)

    You said that you have upgraded so you should be able toget a dualcore (if you want) cpu
    and get a few more years out of your sys.

    If you can find dual core amd,s anywhere? s939,s are getting scarce.
  4. I wouldnt want to scare you mate but in my experience other thing fail before the CPU. Like the PSU, mobo or the hdd. PSU can take everything with it. If you lose your hdd you lose your data and the mobo being one of the really nasty problem cos you could have a great PC (for what you need) and all of a sudden your mobo dies on you and you cant get another one cos they dont make them any more.
    Processors are designed to run 10+ years. Actualy no one knows for sure but I never had one fail and I had them overclocked.

    When I think about it every component in your PC has a shorther life expectancy than your CPU and people always wary so much about cooling and keeping their CPU alive.
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