Good place to start with OC of q6600

Can some one tell my some general settings to put in the BIOS to overclock my q6600? My specs are:
q6600-cpu-z says it is running at 1.6 ghz sometimes, but 2.4 when apps load...not sure if thats good
3 gigs 667 mhz ddr2 hp stock memory
evga 7600 gt gpu
300 watt psu-not even supposed to be running a graphics card on this wattage lol, but i am upgrading soon to 700W or so and would like to know some starter settings i could try, and i just want to overclock it on air, maybe will upgrade to a zalman 9700 or something in future as well.
mobo-ASUS IPIBL-LA came stock with the hp comp

will the hp bios even let me OC? f10 to access award bios is says but idk what options i have if any for overclocking. give me some advice plz i am very newby lol.
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  1. Dear Russell

    With HP desktop computers overclock feature is disabled. As far as i know you can check the temp of your CPU under Hardware Monitor in BIOS. Try Ctrl+F10. It should do the trick.
  2. wow im surprised the 300 watt actually works with that system...
  3. That is the exact system type I got my 1.2000 Q6600 out of. Those trash type all in ones where they manage to cut everything and get it to like 450$ bucks for it all.

    New quad!

    So russell!

    Down load and run either Real temp, or Core Temp, and list what either say your VID is.

    If you luck out, and get a low VID chip, just fork over the cash for a mid level board, and just swap it out, adding your new power supply and that vid card, and you'll get excellent speeds at great voltages!

    I wish you luck!


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