Making sure your water cooling pump is working

Instead of buying a visual flow meter, could I put in a couple drops of red oil in a clear colored system (So i can see the oil droplets move) and use that to make sure that the pump is working?
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  1. Just look at your reservoir and watch for the turbulence. If you put in some oil droplets it is conceivable that they can get trapped in an airpocket in the rad and you might never see them.
  2. Agreed. Don't contaminate your system with the oil. The best way would be to watch for the turbulence in your reservoir, as phreejak posted.
  3. But......what if I use a T-Line? By the way, any recommendations on good reservoirs?

    Thanks for all the help.
  4. Well, that's another headache. I know some people use T-lines but I just never would - not in the 6+ years I've been doing water cooling.

    Reservoir choice is influenced by your case and placement. If you want to use a drivebay then any single 5 1/4 or 3 1/2 is fine.

    I use this reservoir:

    Swiftech MCRES-MICRO™ Reservoir

    Because it allows me easy access when I need to add some coolant.

  5. Thanks! One more question, how does this system sound:

    Pump: Eheim 1048 or MCP655 (which one is better?)
    CPU water block: Swiftech Apogee GTX
    Radiator: Black Ice Pro 2

    and most likely your reservoir.

    Thanks for the help :)
  6. I'll tell you, I use the MCP655 and it is dead silent. Even when I put my ear to it I can barely tell it is operating. Good rad and the CPU block is excellent.
  7. Awesome!!

    So I guess I'll go with the mcp655, black ice extreme 2, apogee gtx and a reservoir. Thanks a lot :]
  8. Good luck!

    Let us know how things work out for you...
  9. Seconded, that looks like a good loop. Definitely let us know how things go with that loop! We are always interested in hearing other's experiences.

  10. Ehh..double post.
  11. Just found out I can't build it until later this year :( BUT.....I have yet another question...with a CPU and a GPU water block, should I go series or parallel if I only have on pump.

    I don't know if I worded that correctly ...but by series i mean..

    Pump--->Radiator---->CPU Water Block---> GPU Water Block---> Reservoir--->

    and by parallel I mean..

    | ---->GPU Water Block---->|
    Pump--->Radiator--->F Splitter> >F Splitter (reconnect)---> Reservoir--->
    | ---->CPU Water Block---->|

    I've looked on the forums, but all the series and parallel topics are using two pump.
    Thanks again :]

    Also, since the radiator and water blocks are all copper, would chrome barb fittings potentially cause galvanic corrosion? And if so, will PC Ice eliminate the corrosion?
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