Toyota supra with a inline6 twintubo vs nissan skyline gtr same setup

who do you think would win?
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  1. no responses?? thaught this would certinly bring up some gearheads lol
  2. What are they doing and do you mean stock as same setup? The GTR will obviously kill the supra off the line because of the awd but the supra has a lighter front end which will be better on a curvy track. Street racing wise the GTR would win because few street races make it close to a 1/4 mile. The R32 is supposedly around 13.5 or so 1/4 mile and Supra 13.3 but I've heard of stock GTRs at 13 flat. Now for cornering if the cars are bone stock then the R32 will have its all wheel steering still working which will help for inexperienced drivers but not so great for an experienced one. It also will take bumpy corners better than the supra. The supra does not have the extra weight in the front so cornering wise it should do better. At a track I think the biggest difference would be the driver skill. So to end my ramble I'd give a slight nod to the GTR but would buy a Supra because I love driving rwd cars, and yes I know a you can make a skyline rwd by removing a fuse but there's still the heavy all wheel drivetrain there.
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