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We have a lab of iMacs that dual-boot Windows xp and OS X [10.5, not 10.6]. Is there a way, via script or anything, to have the mac side update the clock via internet BEFORE anyone logs in on the mac side? To authenticate against our domain, the machines need to be within 5 min, but the mac/windows sides store the hardware clock in different formats, so when booting to mac after its been in windows, the clock is off like 4 hours. Macs unfortunately update the clock on logon, and i need it to update on boot.

Any script ideas? or at least anyone know where to put a script that will run on BOOT, not logon?
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  1. I don't know any scripts but I know a program that might help.

    Parallels desktop, or something similar would enable you to run Windows inside your Mac OS (even if its already set up with bootcamp). That way you'd always log into Mac OS.

    The performance isn't great if your using 3D apps or video editing programs (and I assume your not gaming on the computers), but for all other purposes it shouldn't be too bad.
  2. quick and dirty mechanism: change the timezone of the lesser used OS. Set it to GMT then CORRECTLY set the time on the primary OS. OS X 10.x use UTC (GMT) time to set the clock. It'll be off by 4 hours because windows stores it in LOCAL time.
    Setting either to GMT will fix the issue. If you're using outlook on either though, calendar will be an issue, so that would be the deciding factor on which one DOESNT get set to GMT.
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