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How to coding password using c++

Melaka state government plans to develop a system to guide the tourists to go to the nearest tourism destination spot. The system asks for password before the user is able to use the system. The system allows for 3 times of password entry attempts. If all 3 attempts are failed, the system will be terminated. However, after successful login, the system will ask user’s current location and their preferred destination spot. The user may select one or more destination, but only the nearest one will be suggested to the user, and the cost of transportation to go to the suggested destination is given. You are, as the developers of the system, must follow the requirements described below. However, you are free to add your own functions, variables, or et cetera.
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    You, as the one the homework was given to, must answer the question yourself.
  2. I love the beginning of a new semester ;)
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