my friend wants to upgrade- best option needed :)

i built his computer when he first bought it. this is his setup:

mobo- p5b duluxe edition wifi/ap
cpu- intel c2d e6400 oced to 3.2ghz ( on air zalman 9700)
ram- corsair ddr800 pc2 6400 4-4-4-12
hard drive- 320gb seagate
case - antec p180b
video card- all in wonder x1900 ( only bought it to watch tv on it )
psu- antec true power 2.0 500w
2x dvd burners

would it be wise for him to upgrade his system? if so, what should be upgraded?
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  1. Um...does he feel the system no longer fulfills his requirements? If so, upgrade. If not, don't.

    Personally if I had that setup there's no way I'd bother upgrading right now.
  2. lol, yeah. thats what i told him. there isn't nothing to improve on besides the video card which is very easy to sell for 200 and get something like an 8800gts.
  3. Alls that your friend would need to upgrade really is his GFX, that is unless he wants his system for "bragging rights" lol.

    That setup coupled with an 8800 should be a worthy system for another year or so.
  4. thats a pretty nice setup , i say get a new GFX ,
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