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My windows XP folder is 119 GB, 39759 files with 2176 folders. How can I reduce the huge space taken up on my HD?
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  1. Mine's 16.3 GB, 253,133 files, and 48,653 folders
    - - Have you been storing DVD movie files in your Windows folder? Any other large files?
    -- Have you run a full scan with your anti-virus program recently?
  2. It is likely system restore points using much of the space.
    If you know that your system is in good shape.

    Turn system restore off and reboot.
    Then turn it on again.
  3. It sounds like you installed a lot of programs onto your C:\ drive including games. All your game saves are also saved to the C:\ drive (C:\Documents and Settings\[your profile name]).

    It seems you need to do a lot of cleaning or re-install Win XP and install your games onto a separate hard drive.


    - My Win XP takes up 6GB on my C:\ drive, leaving about 16GB of free space.

    - I install all my games on the D:\ drive which is the same physical hard drive as the C:\ drive, I just created a logical partition for organizational purposes.

    - The page file (2GB - 4GB) is saved on a separate physical hard drive. I'll just call it the E:\ drive. I have 4 physical hard drives in my PC.
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