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3,800 files to open, please help

So my hard drive crashed and for some reason the only thing I was not able to recover was one folder for my wife's business that had all her payment history in it. I ran a program to recover lost sectors and it came back with 8,300 xls files. I was able to save 3,800 of them before getting bad cluster errors. Now we some how have to see if one of these 3,800 files has her payment history in it.

Is there any program out there that would allow us to search those 3,800 files for a known text or key word in the file without us opening every single one and looking at it?

Running Windows XP sp3.
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    You can do this search right from Windows, right-click on the folder with the files, do a search for "A word of phrase in the file".
  2. Really? Wow, I feel dumb now. Thanks for enlightening me.
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