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I have intel core 2 quad 2.33 processor and 4gb ram and 512mb nvidia vga. it only detect 3.24 gb ram on xp32 bit but it detects 3.99gb ram on 64bit. so which is best for me. will xp 64 support other softwares and games like 32bit. so which is the best xp32 bit or xp64 bit? thanks for your corporation.
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    WinXP64 lets you use all your RAM; WinXPx86 (32-bit) can only recognize and use about 3.25 GB of memory (all memory - CPU, RAM, and GPU memory). WinXP64 uses windows on windows (WOW) to execute 32-bit programs and puts them in a folder called Programs (x86).

    WinXPx86 gets slightly higher scores in the various game benchmarks than WinXPx64 - probably due to the 64-bit's additional WOW process. I triple-boot WinXPx86, WinXPx64, and Win7RC1x64 on one machine (the top one in my sig) because I wanted to see the differences on exactly the same hardware.

    WinXPx64 requires 64-bit drivers for whatever you want to add: printers, scanners, etc., and many older ones have no 64-bit drivers.

    -- If you want to use hardware that you've had a while, and you want slightly higher gaming benchmarks, and you can live with paying for ~.5 GB of RAM you cannot use, run WinXPx86.

    -- If you want to access all the RAM you bought, use WinXPx64. Another note: I've found that Win7x64 can usually use Vistax64 drivers, but none of those work with WinXPx64.
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