What would be better a E2140 Overclocked or a E6400 duo?

I was wondering what would be better a E2140 Overclocked or a E6400 duo, Would this be better then a 6400 duo?

This setup was recommended by andybird123,

"E2140 (will overclock to 3ghz+ very easily) try to get the OEM one without a cooler

Tuniq Tower 120 or Thermalright Ultra 120 or;
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  1. Get the E6420 (4M cache) for the extra cache (E2140/2160 only have 1M) and OCing from 1066FSB to 1333 is a lot easier and safer than from 800 to 1333. If the OCing goes badly, you'll be stuck with a crappy chip with the E2140 whereas the E6420 is very nice.

  2. i dont believe the e2140 has a very high overclocking ability. xbit labs only got it to 2.8. the e2160 you can get to around 3.4. that being said, an e2140 @2.8 would run circles around an e6400. although now it makes no sense to buy an e6400 as the e6420 is cheaper and has 4mb cache.

    if you can get an e2140 to at least 2.6 it will be better than the 6420. the l2 cache usually only amounts to about 5-10% in games and encoding.

    you dont need to get an aftermarket cooler unless you plan on going past ~3.0 GHz.
  3. If you were planning to o/c an e21x0, then why not o/c the e6420?
  4. Good call Jtt283 - The 64x0's are very good for OC. Buss @ 400 gives 3.2GHz and with DDR2 800 you get a 1::1 ratio. I have the 6400 (6420 is better, but was not out) running at 3.2 since Feb.
  5. I'd get the E6420.
  6. the e6400 would be a better choice than the e2140 to anwser your question.

    the e6400 has a faster FSB and Double the amount of Cache. 2mb vs 1mb of L2.

    but yes the e6420 would be the best bet as it has 4mb of L2 cache.

    but you may want to look into an e6320 as it is only clocked a little bit slower than the e6400 and e6420 it has 4mb of L2 cache, it is cheaper, and will clock up to 3ghz.
  7. yea but for the price of a E6320 you toss in another $35 and you can get an E6750. Thay are going for around $200 even now. The E6750 w/ shipping is for sure under $220
  8. get a 6420!
  9. GET the E6420. Good Over clocker. Beats the e2140 at stock and OC.
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