GigaByte GA-7VRX Not Booting / No BeepCodes

I am working on a computer for some relatives, so I have no idea what was going on when this happened, but here are the symptoms:

* When I push the front-panel power button, the front-panel POWER and HDD LEDs blink, the CPU fan spins briefly (< 1/2 second), the RAM_LED light turns on (and stays on), but the computer doesn't POST, and no beep codes occur. The RAM_LED light stays lit until I either unplug the power cord or hold down the front-panel power button for > 5 seconds.

Troubleshooting attempts:
* I have disconnected all floppy, DVD, CD-RW, and hard drives.
* I have removed all of the PCI cards
* I have tried multiple power cords (including one that works on my own computer).
* I have tried another RAM chip. I even tried booting with no memory chips installed.
* I have tried 2 other power supply units.

Any suggestions on where to go from here?
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  1. The CLR_CMOS jumper was missing, but I replaced it and it still has the same problem.
  2. If it didn't give continuous series of beeps with no memory, is motherboard or CPU.

  3. The RAM_LED light isn't mentioned anywhere in the documentation.
    What does it mean when that light is lit up?
    I suppose it could be a bad fan also.
    Unfortunately I don't have another fan to test it with.
  5. Disconnect everything except CPU and MOBO. No ram or anything else.
    If it doesnt beep then then it's the CPU or the MOBO. (It's probably mobo than)
  6. I already tried that. No beeping, no spinning fans (except the initial stutter), just the RAM_LED light turns on.
  7. Try posting the spec of the offending PC. The people here are the best search engine with the best AI possible. Although I would usually expect people to search first before posting you are not in that classification due to your urgency. I have never heard of a CMOS jumper being replaced. usually it is placed there momentarily and then removed. If you leave it there you could damage the board. Anyway post your specs.
  8. On this board, the CLR_CMOS jumper has 3 pins. 101.pdf
    Page 24)

    Jumpering pins 1-2 = Clear CMOS
    Jumpering pins 2-3 = Normal

    There was no jumper on the pins, but there was a loose jumper sitting on the bottom of the case. I placed it back on pins 2-3 after following the Clear CMOS instructions.
  9. I tried a replacement CPU fan with no luck, so it is either the processor or the motherboard. Anyway, the owner of the computer is unwilling to spend any money to repair the system; they (at my suggestion) would rather put the money toward a new system anyway.

    So, I'll scrap this one for parts to repair other computers (it still has useable drives and memory chips).

    Thanks for your help anyway.
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