Video Card Upgrade Questoin

Hi everyone.

I have a question, well im getting a 20.1 inch lcd screen (is 1080P capable), and im giving to my brother my current video card (Nvidia 7600GT).

the question is what would be the best option if the native resolution is: 1680 x 1050 and i want to have all details at max settings. all i play on the PC is World of warcraft,

will an other 7600GT Be enough?
what about a 7900GS?
or a Radeon X1950 PRO?
or a 8600 GTS?

also will any of these fit in my case? it's a centurion 534 plus

my Budget is around $180 USD more or less

also if i get a card like the 7900GS that uses an external power will my PSU for that matter be enough

Specs Are as follows:

AMD Bristbane 3600+ (Running at 2.4) with a AC Freezer 64 PRO
2 GB or Gskill RAM
3X 120mm fans
7600GT(Current and trying to change)
Biostar TForce 550 SE Mobo
Antec Earth Watts 500 Watt ATX12V v2.0 PSU

Thanks In advanced
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  1. The PSU is fine with either x1950Pro or 7900GS. Either will be horrible in a demanding game like Oblivion at that resolution, but WoW is less demanding and you don't have to max all the eye candy.

    Your best bet in that price range is x1950XT. ($170)
    I'm 90% sure your PSU is enough for this card too... Can anybody confirm this?
  2. thanks for the fast response aevm.

    any more coments
  3. Yup, your good. The X1950XT needs around 30amps and your PSU supplies 34. I agree with aevm, the XT is your best choice at that price point.
  4. another vote for x1950xt, one of the best cards for the money
  5. x1950xt
  6. ok thanks a lot everyone it seems that the x1950 xt is the winner,

    one thing tho, do you guys think it will fit in my case? centurion 534 plus
  7. I think it will fit. There are some people who managed to fit even an 8800 GTX in that case, apparently. If they're not lying then you shouldn't have any problems, the 8800 GTX is the largest card ever.
  8. hehe ok thanks again aevm

    thanks everyone
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