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Project Management Software Installation

I have an old but powerful Project Management software that is on six 3.5” floppies. My i7 desktop computer (Win7) does not have a floppy controller and I cannot connect an external floppy drive to this computer.

I have used this program and also MS Project; both comparable and good.

The program is installed on a Win XP desktop and runs fine. I would now like to install this XP program on my Win7 computer which has XP-Mode (I have other XP programs running fine here).

Can you suggest a way of installing this program on my Win7 computer? Would ISO images be the way to go?

Thank you for your replies.
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    Copy the contents of the disks onto a folder on the XP machine and share it. Access this folder from the i7 machine and you should be able to run the install program from there.
  2. At the very worst, you can make virtual floppy images, and run then through a virtual floppy drive.

    Have you tried just zipping/unzipping the folder, and then manually entering the registry information?
  3. At the moment I have not tried anything. All this time I have been using the program on the XP computer.

    Just today I thought that it would be nice to have it on the Win7 computer. Hence my post here.
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