Need a little OC help with my X2 3800+

I'm using an Athlon X2 3800+ Windsor (the energy effecient one with 65W TDP), a Gigabyte Mobo, 2 GB of A-DATA DDR2 800 RAM rated for CAS 4, the Arctic Freezer Pro 64 w/ Arctic Silver Ceramique paste, and my goal is to get the 3800+ to at least 2.5 GHz, but preferably somewhere around 2.8 GHz.

So far I've only used the EasyTune program that came with my Gigabyte Mobo to boost OC the CPU (which in turn OC's the memory). The problem with this program is that unless I start setting voltages myself, the "Easy Mode" doesn't let you go past a 20% OC, meaning I'm sorta stuck at 2.4 GHz unless I started pumping voltages. Also I notice that my memory's frequency is quickly climbing and I'm not sure if it can keep it up.

I'm new to OCing, so I don't want to damage anything in the process of OCing and also make sure the OC is stable. In terms of programs, I have nTune, Prime95, EasyTune, and of course my good ol' BIOS. So could someone tell me what would be an optimal OC for this kind of configuration? I'll list my parts here to show what I have.

Mobo -
Cooler -
Paste -
Case -
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  1. You Can Take your 3800x2 windsor over 2.6 or even more eaisly, depending upon your Mobo & Bios options , any way try this ! do not use the Easy Tune, Instead Try This,

    1). Lower your ram setting to work at DDR 667 Instead of DDR 800
    & Increase the ram Volt to 1.9 (1.8 Is default I think)..

    2). Disable the cool & Quite function from the Bios & also CPU Spectrum present If any.

    3). Increase The cpu voltage by .2 or .3 Volts then the (deafult 1.225).

    4). Keep the CPU Multiplier to 10X. & Increase the FSB multiplier to 250 Instead of 200 ( Default).

    5). Decrease the motherboard HT speed to 800MHZ instead of default 1 GHZ.
    Save the settings, If the its boots up fine or else just restart you may be confronted with a overclock boot failure message do not worry Just press F1 Or What ever key it asks to continue. after the boot up at the default clock, again restart the PC you should be able to achive the overclock now.
  2. I totally agree with tosh79. Your far better off overclocking using the bios. I'd follow his advice and see how you go, oh and don't forget about cooling. If you start raising voltages ect, that means extra heat so keep an eye on those temps... Good luck :)
  3. would i need to do the same to overclock my 4200+? im stuck at 2.52GHz, I've tried to lower my HT, and lower my Ram to DDR2 677 but i didnt increase the ram voltages is that the problem?
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