Help pick me a new PSU

Hey guys i already got all my parts for the computer im bulding for the first time and so far its going good but its not working and i think its the PSU. Anyways heres the specs

Case - Cooler Master Centurion 5
CPU - Intel E6600
RAM - 2GB Corsair
Video card - EVGA 8800 GTS OC
Mother Board - Gigabyte DS3R
PSU - Muskin 550 Watt.. i know i listed all this stuff b4 and alot of u said i need to get a new psu and i guess u were right.. anyways Whats the best power supply for all the things above taht will make my computer last long and uses all the power it has to?
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  1. Depending on how much you want to spend. I think the OCZ GameXStream 700W, would be just fine It's very popular and pretty affordable.

    Much more than you'll need but at least you wouldn't have to upgrade for a while. There are better ones out there but price/performance this one has all the connectors to hold you off for a few years and the power to keep up with what ever comes next.

    550Watts is fine for the system you have but you'll want more amperage. You'll also want more power for future use and you might want something with at least one 8pin(6pin+2) PCI express connector for the future as well.

    There are ALOT of great power supplies out there and better ones than I picked out. In my personal opinion for what you have and for the money, those 2 have great price/performance aspects. Even the 600W version of the OCZ would suite you just fine for now, but you should think ahead a little.
  2. umm ya i dont want to like when i want to start a new comp or build it buy a new psu since its not really needed anyways so is 700W good for the future and will last at least 1-3 years? i dont want to build a computer til 3 years.
  3. i think something like would suit you well...
  4. i cant shop in newegg i live in canada and hiper products dont sell in tiger or Canada computers :(
  5. Any of these three is what you want (I use a NeoHE 500 on my GTS-320 PC and I have plenty of current to spare)

    Antec NeoPower 500w ATX 12v Power Supply - NEO HE500 101/202014022.html

    Antec NeoPower 550w ATX 12v SLI Ready Power Supply - NEO HE550 ply/q/loc/101/202014042.html

    Corsair 520W SLI Certified Modular ATX Power Supply - CMPSU-520HX wer-supply/q/loc/101/203270716.html
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