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I recently bought 2x120mm ZM-F3 and 1x90mm ZM-F2 Zalman chassis fan to install into my case. One of the 120mm's will be used in the case (chassis fan), the other will be used on my heatsink (Thermalright Ultra-12) and the last 90mm fan will be used in the case (chassis fan).
Now, my question is, my current 120mm chassis fan is plugged into a 3-pin socket near the heatsink on my ASUS P5W Deluxe motherboard and is also plugged into one of the 4pinned thingies that comes out of the PSU, it's white and I have forgotten the name of it! The 90mm chassis fan was also plugged into a 4pin thing but not into a 3-pin socket on the motherboard and I have removed both of them, that's fine right? Now, for installing the fans, where would I plug in the 90mm chassis fan, the 120mm chassis fan and the 120mm heatsink fan?
Also, a quick question on my RAM if that would be OK:
I noticed that one of the heat spreaders has come loose off of one of the sides of a stick of 1GB OCZ PC2-6400 (special-ops edition), I'm guessing that it's not a problem, as only a little bit has come loose, but I just wanted to check nevertheless.
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  1. Fans: By drawing power directly from the Pwr Suply your stock case fans will run at full speed all the time. Thay are probably only plugged into the board so as to have the speed monitored.

    As for your new fans: I cant tell if they even have 4-pin molex connectors to plug directly to the power supply so if not then you simply plug each into the nearest 3 or 4 pin fan header on the board. Obviously the CPU fan should have a specific header for its fan and will be labeled as such.
  2. Thanks for the help once again little_scrapper! One thing, what do you mean by your last sentence?
    "Obviously the CPU fan should have a specific header for its fan and will be labeled as such."
    The fan I'm putting on the heatsink is the same as one that I'm putting in the case, do you mean the socket where my old heatsink plugged into?
  3. I could do with an opinion here:
    At the moment I have 1 stock Thermaltake fan that came with my case at the front, blowing air into the harddrive. I have a 92mm Zalman ZM-F2 on the side of my case, blowing air into the middle of my motherboard and I have a 120mm Zalman ZM-F3 at the back of my case blowing air out of the case (exhaust).
    Now, I was wondering, would there be a better way to set this up? Perhaps the 92mm as the exhaust fan and the ZM-F3 at the back blowing in, instead of being an exhaust fan? Any ideas?
  4. Weird, doesn't let me edit my posts for some reason. <_<
    This is the specification details for the Zalman ZM-F2 (92mm):
    - 12v performance - 2800RPM, 36.1dBA
    - 5.5v performance - 1600RPM, 20dBA
    How would I go about choosing 12v over 5.5v? What do I have to do or does it do it automatically?
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