Just Bought an 8800 GTS 640MB: Should I return for a 2900 XT?

Hey all,
So about I guess two to three weeks ago I bought a MSI 8800 GTS 640MB OCed. The card performs well though I am not too crazy about the heatsink/fan dropping heat into my case instead of pushing it out the back. I previously had a x1950 XT and to be honest for all the raving about the image quality of the 8800s, I didn't see a big increase, not noticeable at least. Anyway, I still have a week left on NewEgg's 30 day return policy. I now see, how unfortunate for me, that the 8800 GTS seems to lose the majority of the time to the 2900 XT, the other card I had been looking at in the first place, and the 7.8 drivers look like they will offer some serious increases as well.

In short, I am wondering if I made the wrong choice. So I am asking the opinions of you all, as I like these forums a lot, and I wonder what you would do in my case. I still have a little over a week to return this card, however, NewEgg charges a 15% restocking fee, which, on top of the $376 I spent, equates to something in the area of $56. This means I will get basically $320 back and then have to spend the $70 something more to get the 2900 XT. Do you think it is worth it or would you just keep what I have? I am not overly frugal with money, but I thought I would ask just to try and get a consensus. My specs are in my sig for reference. Note: I do not have an 8 pin connector and as such would not be able to overclock the 2900. Thanks for any opinions.
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  1. IMHO It's not worth it. You'll get what? a few more frames?

    Besides, this generation of DX10 cards is a 'stopgap' anyway.

    IMHO You're better off getting a high-end DX9 card (like the X1950 PRO) for the time being and waiting for the more capable DX10 cards that will come out later this year or early next year (i.e. GeForce 9800).
  2. You could try selling it on ebay, though honestly, wait till the 2nd generation DX10 cards come out.

    Put some money aside each month, I am, for the new 2nd generation cards. Should be better and should have some actual DX10 games to use with them by then. :)

    You didn't get a bad card and right now with the AMD Drivers maturing more, the 2900xt isn't that bad of a card anymore either. If it was cheaper I would think of getting one. :)
  3. Don't worry about it. Returning the card would be too much of a headache, and I don't think the 2900XT is "fixed" yet, if it ever will be. I think that the two cards are competetive now, but not worth returning one for the other.

    The 7.8 Betas are a big step forward, but the card still isn't a 8800GTX.

    Where have you seen the 2900XT beat the 8800GTS a lot? I haven't seen a good review using the newest drivers yet. I have only been playing Oblivion, so I don't know how much other games' performance has improved.

    As for image quality, I thought that the 8800s were better or equal to the 2900XT, so I see no reason to switch on account of IQ.
  4. While I agree w/ the others that the swap is not worth it... the reason I feel that way is that OVERALL the 640gts is a more "even" card. The 2900 has some nice features, and beats the gts at times... there are a few games that it just tanks on and loses to the 320gts badly. The 640gts is solid in that there are no really dives in performance like the 2900 from what I have seen on reviews of late. Don't get me wrong, I like the 2900 and think it will only improve w/ time but if I already had a 640gts I would not lose any sleep.

    The trade would be a wash if the price was identical... with the extra cost you are better sticking w/ the gts.
  5. No point returning its not that much better, and you may need a new PSU too.

    Using the 7.7 drivers it made the 2900's outperform the GTS without AA and close to the GTX in that respect. With AA it improved quite a bit but it still didnt come close to the GTS, which was a big let down.

    Dont ask me where I read it I already tried looking before I posted this but im pretty sure I know what I saw. The REAL 7.8 driver will make it very interesting.

    Im still wondering if they can perfect the drivers so much that it can compete with a GTX, who knows.. heh..
  6. both 8800gts640 and 2900xt cards are good enough for most games for now. both cards are about the same, so you have to deal with it. it's not wise to return 8800gts640 for something that is similar plus the extras $.
  7. yer im about to choose between the GTS SLI and XT CF setups, and to be honest theres not between them, dont stress urself they are pretty damn close..i would have chosen the 2900XT over the GTS, but meh who cares the difference is nothing to worry about..
  8. if cf/sli is in the mix then they are not the same at all. Last time I checked reviews I believe that cf wins hands-down in vista, in xp I believe sli does by a much smaller margin... depends on what you are going to run them in.
  9. Alright, I was kinda leaning in that direction anyway, just wanted some confirmation. I figure I'll just save the added money and buy a second generation DX10 card next year, maybe during the spring or summer. I don't even have Vista yet, so it really wouldn't be worth it. I am also hoping that with the second generation of cards, the die shrink and maybe GDDR4 memory will help to lower power consumption and heat. Again, thanks for the replies.
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