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hey guys im about to go to purdue university to study computer and electrical engineering technology and i am wanting to build a new computer before i leave in the middle of august. I want to build a machine that I will be able to play games with all the eye candy turned up (aa/af) but i do have a small budget. The thing is, is that i have about 350 bux right now but i have to take out loans so i am going to take out about a grand extra for me to play with. I am hoping to sell the computer i have now and sell a few things before i leave to make up for the extra loan, but i love playing games and i wont have my girlfriend as close to me to keep me busy so i will be doing a lot of gaming besides studying and working.

So heres the deal i am looking for someone to build me a system with a cap limit of $1200 but i want the 8800gtx i have a 20 inch wide screen monitor that im about to sell to a friend for 150 and buy a 22 inch wide screen. So if you want to include a 22inch monitor you can raise the cap limit to $1350. I have tried to come up with a few systems but im thinking that amd would be a better choice cuz of the price drops but i know how the c2d have better power and the ease of overclock which on the budget i would prob do. So if you guys could help me out i would appreciate it!

Also if you could build one within the limits without including rebates i would really appreciate it!

Another thing i am not worried about a cheapy case cuz i have a coolermaster centurion case right now and its a good case but im looking for a case that has enough room and fans so everything doesnt overheat as soon as i turn it on
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  1. $1200 before rebates and with an 8800GTX? Tough one...

    All from newegg unless otherwise stated:

    Motherboard: Gigabye P35-DS3R -- $130
    CPU: Intel C2D E6550 -- $184
    RAM: 2GB Corsair XMS2 DDR800 -- $120 ($40 MIR)
    PSU: Corsair 620HX -- $150 ($20 MIR,
    Video card: EVGA 8800GTX -- $517 ($30 MIR)
    HD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB -- $85
    Case: Antec Nine Hundred -- $140, probably not necessary though
    Display: Samsung 226BW -- $300, less whatever you sell your old one for
  2. hey thanks for the reply i thought that i was going to have to go with amd but that looks like an awsome machine, i would have to include a case with it but im sure i could find a cheap case until i saved up enough money for a new one
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