8600gt upgrade to 8800gts

Ok, little over a month ago i bought a xfx 8600gt. Have liked it ok, overclocks pretty good, but runs a little hot and I would just like to get some more frames. I was thinking about changing it out for a 8800gts 320 mb. Question is how much of an increase in framerates can i expect ( i get around 35 on bf2142 and 30 on lost planet demo ( vista..... slightly higher frames on xp) ). Also, will my cpu and ram bottleneck a 8800gts.

And please no one say "why didn't you just get a gtx?!?" its completely irrelevant to my question and i dont have that kind of money to throw around.

My system:

Amd 4000+ (socket 939 oc'd to 2.6)
2 gb ddr400 ram
some gigabyte mobo (sux but does the job)
450w ps
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  1. 8600 GT to an 8800 GTS is a HUGE upgrade.

    HUGE. Lots of resolution and eye candy bumps.

    Go for it!
  2. i m 2nd to that, get the 8800gts 320mb. most people here will tell you to get the 640mb's but since you value your $ so i think the 320mb one is best suit for you. no i dont think your cpu will bottleneck the 8800gts
  3. After thinking about this, is my ps gonna be able to support it? I did some watt calculator thing online w/ my system setup and even w/ all my fans and the overclocked cpu it still gave me a reading of 350 watts ( including the 88gts not my 86gt ). So I think i'm ok on the watts. The amps scare me though. How many amps should i have on each rail to run the gts and is that written anywhere on my ps or do i have to find it online (not at home to just look at it) thanks
  4. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814133193

    This is just an example card, not a recomendation (although I'm sure it's a fine card). Click on specs and it has the power requirements there.

    Just look up your PSU online.

    And, yes - gaming is a different animal with a 8800 series card.
  5. I know this is a stupid question but is the 26A just the amps on the 2 12v added together? Thanks
  6. No, take the number of watts supplied to the +12v rails and divide it by 12 to get your PSU's total amps. Stupid ain't it?

    What PSU do you have (brand and model)?
  7. Not at home right now. I'll post it around 9 pm est tonight (3 hrs from now) when I am home. And yes that is very strange that that is how you calculate it.
  8. Ok, so my ps is made by L & C and its model number lcb450e. I've looked and i've found that it is 18a and 15a on the 2 12v rails but i can't find anything else about it. I think i'll probably be ok, but can someone verify??
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