Core2 DUO E6400 showing too little MHZ


I have a Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13 GHZ CPU on a GIGABYTE GA-965P-DQ6 LGA 775 Intel P965 Express ATX Intel Motherboard running Vista Ultimate 64 bit version.

I installed the EasyTune5 Build 2007.06.08 overclocking program and it shows my MHZ as being set at 1600 and "original" shows as 2093. Sometimes it shows my MHZ being 2133 for a second.

I haven't been tinkering with anything in relation to overclocking (or in this case underclocking). I did have some kind of power surge recently as my motherboard and CPU both had to be replaced.

Why would it show my MHZ so low? Am I reading it wrong, could the CPU be damaged or?
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  1. I should also add that in EasyTune it shows the following:

    CPU temp: 62 (celcius) /143 (fahrenheit)
    CPU RPM: 1537
    PWR1: 1295
    System: 0

    In SpeedFan 4.32 (software) is shows:
    Temp1: 62 (celcius)
    Temp2: 49 (celcius)
    Temp3: -2 (celcius)
    Core 0: 52 (celcius)
    Core1: 53 (celcius)

    It has flame icons next to "Temp1", "Core0" and "Core1" - I assume this can't be good.

    When I build the system a few months ago, I did apply a generous amount of Arctic Silver Ceramique Thermal Compound to the CPU, installed a COOLER MASTER 92mm CPU Cooler, a Scythe 120mm Case Fan, and my Thermaltake 750W Power Supply has one or two fans.
  2. Im not sure but your speedstep/powersaver thingy in BIOS may be down clocking your multiplier when your idling to save power. My 965P-DS3, if I turn it(I forgot what "it" is called) on in the bios, when idle CPUZ shows my multiplier at only 6 instaed of 9. Doing the math: 6x266= 1596Ghz. So that gotta be it.

    IF that 62C is idle then your HS is probably not mounted properly. If thats a load temp and youor running witht he stock cooler then that sound about right.
  3. It sounds like it may be down clocking due to idling. I'll have to look in my bios for the "it" :)

    The temperatures was read when I was in a pretty hot room, so that seems to have affected it.. This morning when it was idling in a cooler room it looked better, but does it still look too hot?

  4. I had this same problem, what I did to fix it was disable C1E and EIST and for some reason I had to turn the bus speed tuning to manual and 266 (for some reason it was on auto and 200 and still showed I had 2.13ghz), doing this fixed my problem and now cpu-z displays correctly.
  5. I don't really know why people call this a problem... It's a energy saving feature and hardly affects performance at all.
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