Does the Vista Cd come with all versions

Am i right in thinking if you buy the 32bit vista cd it comes with all the versions on it and the serial codes installs the right one.

I am setting up a computer repair business and was looking to buy the 32bit oem cd for doing repair installs or clean installs using the serial key they already have.

Would this work?

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  1. No. The way it works is, when a customer brings his pc in and it requires reinstalation of the OS, they provide the genuine Microsft disk and key for their own pc's.
    If they don't have a legit version to reinstall, don't touch it, or repair without installing an OS. Don't fall for lost it, dog ate, sister broke it. No original disk, no install, keep it simple and you won't have Microsoft on your doorstep.
    You can use a spare hdd of your own to install an OS for testing, then remove it before returning it to the customer.
    A lot will be OEM systems from Acer, HP Dell etc. with a restore partition and or restore disks.
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