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Kaspersky is slowing down my pc

hello ..

i want to ask about Kaspersky AV 2010 , it's really making my pc too slow !
( i didn't want to purchase the 2011 or higher version cause i heard it will make the pc even slower ! )
i have Malwarebyte's installed too , can it replace the protection given by KS AV ?

if it doesn't , what's the best choice of anti-viruses ?

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  1. Try AVG.
  2. Nonsense Max, I have it and it runs fine.

    How do u notice that your PC runs slower?

    Malwarebytes will not replace AV, its a great scanner, but not an AV!

    Try the 2012 version.
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    Malwarebytes is an on demand scanner, not a real time scanner. It's great for scanning when you think you may have an infection. However, it's not meant to stop infections.

    Personally, I recommend using Avast free edition. It will provide real time protection for your PC, and is extremely light on resources.
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