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I am using avast 5.0.594 and because in my office I don't have internet connection so I download VPS update from my home internet connection. But when I manual update my office PC's AVAST antivirus by this downloaded VPS update then avast show notification like this:

Can't instal VPS update. please report following error codes:
SI: 0x 20000011
ST:0x 20000000
LE:0x 0000000

On Avast website this VPS update is available for AVAST 5 & 6 series then What is the causes of the problem?
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  1. Try to re-download and reinstall the update.
  2. i have re-downloaded the update and reinstalled but problem not solved.
  3. Try re-downloading and re-installing the main program.
  4. totalknowledge said:
    Try re-downloading and re-installing the main program.

    I go to control panel-Add/remove programs to remove/un install Avast, but avast is denying to un-install?
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