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Can someone check these Q6600 temps for me please

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July 27, 2007 7:36:50 AM

OK i just set this system up, and it has a q6600 with plenty of ventilation in a thermaltake armor, and a tuniq tower for cooling with as5.. now from speed fan here are the temps which im a little confused by...

system: -3c (why the strange temp??)
cpu: 39 (is this ok seems a bit high to be quite honest since the tuniq tower is about equal to the thermalright ultra 120...
AUX: 44c (idk what AUX is so is this alright?)
core 0: 31
core 1: 30
Core 2: 28
Core 3: 27

at only %25 cpu usage i get these temps:
cpu: 51
AUX: 45c
core 0: 41
core 1: 37
Core 2: 37
Core 3: 37

so are those temps ok?? they seem too high to me.. the ambient right now i think is about 20c maybe a little more..

i cant find Max CPUID value limit which i need to disable if i follow that oc guide
i cant find vanderpool
i cant find CPU TM function
and i cant find execute disable bit
and lastly i cant find PECI

*also can someone please give me a link to a working download of everest and a good program to find out the temperature of of my gpu

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July 27, 2007 5:02:27 PM

respond god damn it lol.......
July 27, 2007 6:01:57 PM

seems you have the b3 stepping which runs a bit hotter than the g0 stepping. your temps are ok but it could be better. try buying stronger fans that push more air than your current one and try to make negative pressure inside your case. as for the tt vs tr-120x the tr-120x with good fans is about 7 to 13 degrees lower. try lapping it will lower your temps about 6 degrees. good luck
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July 27, 2007 7:34:41 PM

when i overclocked to 3Ghz i get these as idle temperatures:

system: 6c
CPU: 47c
AUX: 46c
Core 0: 36c
Core 1: 35c
Core 2: 35c
Core 3: 33c

ok i also had a question about memory and weather or not i should run it at 1:1 or auto...

*ok i tried to boot at 1:1 which meant i had to put FSB memory clock mode to link instead of unlinked and when i tried to boot i got this one long continuous beep so i have no idea whats wrong.. and to be quite honest i nearly had a heart attack when i heard that beep.. so please any help would be much appreciated, thanks

*haha and now lol i cant even boot up with 3Ghz, because my ram goes to 1333 or something like that... what should i set it to?? 800 or something?

ok i set my ram to 800 now so i was able to boot but in cpu-z it says under memory

400.0 MHz (shouldnt it be running at 800 MHz??)

now im still learning but shouldnt the FSB: DRAM be 1:1?? and if so when i try to set it to 1:1 it automatically sets the ram to 1333 MHz so is it then impossible to get to 1:1 or?? uhhh im so confused help please

*ok i just monitered my temps with speed fan while running 3dmark and here were the highest temps i got:

CPU: 56c
Core0: 55
Core1: 52
Core2: 54
Core3: 50

those seem WAY too high.. i was thinking i should be getting into the mid to high 40's... so im really not sure whats wrong. i only clocked it to 3GHz and the voltage is at 1.408 auto (not sure if that is too high or not...)

anyways again any help would be very much appreciated.. thanks
July 27, 2007 8:41:33 PM

I havent overclocked my q6600 yet but idle temps for me are like 29c.

But under a full load and overclocked I think ur ok with the 50c temps. Remember cpus can go very high before breaking like 80c threshold etc..

Your pc would shut down before u could do damage anyways. So your oc.
July 27, 2007 9:46:45 PM

as for speed. default Q6600 runs at 1066mhz front side bus(FSB)
but it is quad pumped so your ram is actualy running at 266Mhz
so when your running at 1333 your actualy only running your ram at 333mz at a 1:1 ratio

as for tempetures. they look good to me. when you overclock try to keep the CoreX: tempetures below 65
when I overcloked my machine to 3.6ghz my CPU would go as high as 68deg using TAT.

edit:I have E6600 but have worked with QX6700 at work and the tempeture would go as high as 70deg.