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I am getting ready to purchase AM2 Brisbane 3600+ CPU and I am wondering which MICRO-ATX motherboard allows me to push the 1.9 GHZ stock to at about 2.8 GHZ with 3rd party HSF? A micro board ofr about a $100 or less would be great and should have 1 PCI-E and 4 RAM slots and a Gigabit port.
Thanks in advance
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  1. Am usually the mATX boards come with integrated video which limits the OC potential, but Asrock VSTA board usually doesn`t have problems until 260-280FSB
  2. alright thanks for the help dude. Well then could you recommend a good Regualr OC mobo for under $100.
    thanks again
  3. abit nF-M2 nView/AN-M2 should fit your needs.
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