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Hi i recently zipped some of my files on a harddrive with windows NTSF and they were bigger than 4GB. I then transferred them to another harddrive FAT32 and now they only show up as 4 gb and dont have all the files. Is there anyway i can recover the files from the FAT32 drive. I have reformatted the NTSF harddrive and ran data recovery on it but my files did not show up on it. Thanks in advance.
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  1. There is no way that you can recover the files from the FAT32 drive. The portions of the files beyond 4GB are not there because that data was never copied there. FAT32 doesn't support files larger than 4GB.

    Your only hope is to recover them from the NTFS drive using data recovery tools like GetDataBack for NTFS.
  2. Damn i guess they are lost forever. It never gave me an error message though when i was transferring so i thought they may have still been copied but just dont show up
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