Problem: Highpoint RocketRAID 2320 and WD Raptor 150gb

Hello everybody.. hope some1 will help me :)

i have a problem with the following configuration

Intel core 2 duo E6750
HighPoint RocketRAID 2320 controller
3 x WD Raptor 150gb

the problem is that the 3 disks are not recognized by the RAID controller BIOS.

i tried to plug another disk (not a raptor) and it's detected properly, and the raptor disks works couse connecting it directly to a motherboard sata port it works properly.

I dunno how to fix it :(
do you know if there is any issue with this controller combined with the WD raptor 150gb?

any suggestion?

thnx in advice for the help
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  1. I think that you might need to update the rocket raid bios the current version is 1.6. The compatibility list only WD 1500ADFD here

    but it should still work with WD 1500 AHFD. Get the current bios here
  2. wich is the difference between the two models?
  3. i can't edit the message so i reply.. i googled... afaik i have a raptor 150gb.. not a raptorX.. and it appears to be supported.
  4. the raptor x (ahfd) has the clear casing, along with a slightly older firmware version, the standard raptor 150 (adfd) has the newest firmware, but a solid case.
  5. yes.. i know :) infact i have normal raptor...
    and i fixed the problem by updating the controller bios to version 1.6..

    now everything works perfectly.. thnx for the help :)

    and damn.... they are really fast... bad that the storage server is not mine... :(
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