Two internet connections, 1 router, 1 PC.

Hey guys,

I was fed up with my 5gb limit per week on my student internet, so I bought my own internet from O2.

My questions are:

a) Is there any way to use both of them simultaneously?

b) Is there any point in doing this?

c) Is there any quick way to switch between the two connections?

This is just an unusual position to be in and I was wondering if there's any way to have some fun with this :)

Thanks for any ideas,
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  1. Could you please give some more info about both internet connections such and whether they are wifi, wired, connected via cell phone etc.
    Could you also state what task you would like to accomplish with each internet connection, this would allow you to get better feed back.
  2. Hi,

    I have a similair questions. I want to combine Two Internet connections onto the same network. The internet connections are from different ISP's. Both the connections are DSL.

    I have one desktop on the network and two laptops. Currently I have a Netgear wifi router ( WG602). The Desktop is connected by a cable while the laptops use wifi. I want to add an additional Internet connection to the setup.

    Is that possible? Is it worth the trouble?

    I should mention that the current ISP i use requires me to login on a webpage. i.e. Once I fire up the browser it takes me to the login page where i need to plug in my details.

    Sorry for Hijacking your thread Chris but I think our issue is very similair

  3. If you have two different internet connections but want to have one Computer use both, then you will need to choose one or the other.

    If you hoping the two will combine and increase your connection speeds then that will not happen.

    If you have two different services you can connect one to a computer, and another connection to another computer.
  4. yeah doesnt work the way you want it to =(
  5. there is another way to this,
    you may need to get 2 routers, each one delivering internet connection to your switch
    router1 can be and router 2 may be

    now on each computer, you add both router address as the default gateway, to add more that one default gateway, you will need to click on "advanced" the button is located where to get to enter ip address.

    what will happen is that, each computer will have access to both connection but will only be able to use 1 at a time. the computers will switch between both connection automatically depending on how fast each is. i attempts to use the fastest.

  6. I hv gone through your advice on (default getway IP for two routers)
    is there any special router u used ???

    1) can FTP(file sharing) is posible in this networking

    2) are all it posible on wireless lan cards
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